September 13, 2008

Its Ramadhan...not fasting month

"There is going to be no nasi lemak for 1 month"
"No more ice cream(maksu) during recess"
"I will be on diet, eat nasi only once a day(miss sahur everyday)"

These are the common phrases that will come out from the people(KMBians to be specific) mouth when it comes to Ramadhan. Probably, most of us just consider Ramadhan is a fasting month but the truth is it is not. If we just consider it as a fasting month, then it will not benefit us much but a little. This is actually one of the most awaited month in a year but for some of us, we only waiting for the month to ends to celebrate Hari Raya. Ramadhan is not a normal month, instead it is a Madrasah Ramadhan. Why I said it is a madrasah(school)? Baca kat bawah ni…

This is what we should learn in the month of Ramadhan

1. Sleep early at nite to make sure we can wake up early for qiammullail and sahur(highly recommended by Prophet Pbuh)

2. Control our lust and desire toward excessive foods, false talk, gossiping, smoking,and women.

3. During bukak posa , make sure that we didn’t eat too much. Just to make sure that we’re able to perform Terawih after that and one more, to make sure that we didn’t burp during prayer to give our fellow colleague space to concentrate in their prayer and not contaminated by our stinky burp containing 5 kinds of kueh and 3 types of air we drink for bukak posa.

4. Be strong during school time, I mean stay conscious when teachers are giving lectures. Because we all know that, Ramadhan is the month where Ghazwatul Badr took place where 1000 musyrikin soldiers was defeated by 313 strong will soldiers under Islamic flag. And they just eat dates for sahur and have all the strength for such a big war. What about us???

5. Train ourselves to be close to the house of God( mosque or surau). We normally see that in this month, during almost every prayer time, the mosque is filled with the good believers. But when the month ends, I wonder where the good believers went. This situation happen in every mosque and surau. We should not continue this kind of bad trend. This is the month to trains yourself to be istiqamah. For your information, one of the 7 groups that are promised to be under the shadow of arasy on the Resurrection Day where sun is inches from our head is the youngsters whose their heart are within the house of God.( Riwayat Muslim)

6. Recite a lot of the holy quran, and don’t just read the revelation without understanding it. Use the tafseer or else we are just like the parrot that talk but understand nothing. This is the other important element that we should be istiqamah and continue to do it even though the month has ended.

7. For women who are trying to make a paradigm shift in her life, don’t be afraid. God always give you chance, make a good use of the chance. Don’t be hesitated by others, always go forward to find the God’s blessing by following His rules that are always benefits us, His creation. I really hope to see that all girls to wear proper veils after this. Purdah is also acceptable…hehe...One more, keep in your mind that veil not only refer to the one that cover ur hair but it also consist of the clothes that you wear.

8. Practice urself to perform additional prayers( solat sunat) because u'll be rewarded as if ur are performing fardhu prayer.

Maybe what I listed above is just a little part of the important elements that we should learn in the month of Ramadhan. But what really important is that, we take the chance God give to us to live in this Ramadhan, for us to change ourselves. To be more istiqamah in what we are doing. To be closer to Him the Most Merciful. Come my fellow friends, shift our paradigm. Its not to late..


chika said...

selamat berpuasa dan...


wuuhuhuhuuuu (^_^)

zaid jasmin said...

10 terakhir ramadhan hampir tiba..

tdo surau. ade brani?

d4uh said...

mmg target ak pon..hoho...insyaAllah

majin said...

weyt, aku harap x terlambat. selamat berpuasa.

neway, tu bukan fathul aizat laa

d4uh said...

insyaAllah...sama-sama kita amek berkat bulan ramadhan ni...neway nama dia fatul gak..hahaha

anon said...


Love this post !

And it's posted on my birthday too.. cool.

And yes, veil doesn't only refer to covering our hair but of other parts as well.

A very simple yet good reminder to all.

Jzkk for the post and advices. Barakallahufeek~


d4uh said...

@anon: Thanks for reading one of the earliest post on this blog. Hope that it would benefit.

anon said...

Sure thing.. inshaAllah, I did get some good reminders from reading your post.

May Allah continue to help us maintain and strengthen our Imaan.


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