January 31, 2011

In Deep Grief

The situation in Egypt is getting worse day by day. Rapist and looters sneaking on the back of the house. Trying to find a gap where they can reach. They have nothing to be afraid of. No police, no enforcers. Maybe, even the sense of GOD does not present in their filthy heart. Prisoners swarming on the road, burning down police offices, stealing firearms and police uniforms. This is way beyond our imagination. Its a matter of life and death. Over ten thousand Malaysians in Egypt mostly students are in living in fear. Maybe its nothing for certain people who has no one in Egypt, but its different when you have friends and family there. In Malaysia, most people are still ignorance about this current situation except the group of people above. Mass media are not doing their job well.

I personally in deep grief now, even though I don't have any family members there, many of my friends are still hiding inside their house with limited supplies of food and no aid from anybody. We need to spread the words to everyone, everywhere. Just now, the evacuation process has been announced, hopefully everything will be safe. For more info about the current situation in Egypt, you can click on this link.

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