September 1, 2011

Ramadhan 1432 Selected Tweets

These are a few tweets that i've posted during Ramadhan month. Hope that it will be a reminder for the 11 upcoming months ahead of us.Yet, there are a lot more interesting verses to be discovered.Read the Holy Quran together with the translation and you will feel it yourself. Lets build the new unique quranic generation together.

Ramadan is a start of a new phase of improving ourselves to be a better person than past years. Lets pray we will meet Ramadan again next year.As-Sharh 94:7
O God, forbid from me a partner like the wife of Lot and Noah, and grant me a partner like the Pharoah's queen. At-Tahrim 66:10-11
Do we realize that being able to laugh and cry is a blessing from Allah?? But seldomly we weep because of our sins. An-Najm 53:43
If you plan to start doing something good or stop from doing something bad. Do it now!! You will not get an extra time.Al A'raf 7:34
No doubt we are superior than animal but its not impossible for us to be worse than them. Al-A'raf 7:179
Hell has it own designated fuel made from HUMAN and stones. Lets protect ourselves and our family from it. At-Tahrim 66:6
We think that the existence of day and night is the law of nature, never feel amazed by it. Indeed it is a great sign. Al-Furqan 25:62
Have we pray for our parent today?? An honest smile and laughter may cherish their day. Al-Isra' 17:24
Do you know why we feel very pleasant and blessed to hear birds chirping every morning??They are indeed saying their prayer.An-Nur 24:41
If we strive hard solely for the sake of getting the benefit in this short life, we will have no portion in the hereafter. Asyura 42:20
Don't be among those who need to experience the hereafter first to believe because it will be too late by then. As-Sajdah 32:12
Don't forget your daily istighfar, The Almighty has promised to convert one's evil deeds to good deeds for those who repented. Al-Furqan 25:70
Our eyes,ears and skin will testify against us in the day of judgement and we will debate with the skin which speaks-Fussilat 41:20-21
Think before you do or say something even on twitter and facebook because everything will be written on the book of deeds-al kahfi 18:49
Let say Alhamdulillah for still having good eyes enable us to see this status, complete fingers to scroll the mouse, sane mind that can differ between good and evil. ALHAMDULILLAH - (Surah Ibrahim,14:7)
If we are not an ideal muslim, don't expect an ideal muslimah to be our partner- An-Nur 24:3
Lust/desire need to be control and not controlled by. An-Naziat 79:40-41 
If somebody give you a gold bar,then he want to buy it from you with a tonne of gold bar.Would you sell it??The best trade.Taubah 9:111 
The first person flying on the sky were not the Wright's brothers,it was Prophet Solomon (Surah Saba' 34:12)
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