December 31, 2008

From Malaysia to Palestin

when we are sitting on our couch writing a new entry for our blog...our brothers in Gaza Strip are lurking inside the underground tunnel; hoping that the next missile will miss their only haven.

when we throw our leftover food into the dustbin...the Palestinians brothers only eat stale bread with water from rain yesterday to put something into their empty stomach.

when we prefer to pray alone in our cosy room...they all gather to pray for their safety from the next air strike.

brothers and sisters, lets us pray together for the safety of our friends in Palestine...that's the least we can do...May Allah send His great soldiers to annihilate the Israel...Aminn


Mizah said...

jika berpeluang,
lakukan solat hajat(rakaat kedua qunut nazilah),solat ghaib dan baca al-quran berjamaah(al-Mulk@Taubah@al-Anfal)khas bagi memohon kemenangan bagi muhajidin dan kehancuran israel serta golongan murtaddin yang bersama mereka.
angka terkini syahid=380
berdoalah untuk mereka.

p/s:usm tgah kutip derma untuk dihantar ke palestin..xnak datang derma ke?hoho..

d4uh said...

to mizah
hoho...bole serah kat kak mi ek

Anonymous said...

yup, agree with Mizah and of course with d4uh, the least we can do is to pray for them..and we can spread the word to other people out there about what is actually happening, sebab believe me, ramai umat islam yang still tak tau pasal isu ni, or even psl serangan terbesar Israel baru-baru ni.We are too blinded with the world and even by the media.

In Indonesia, they actually opened a list for those who wants to go to Palestine to ikut berjihad.Ingatkan tak dpt sambuatan rupanya, dah beratus org mendaftar.. So,we as MAlaysians have to do our part also..pray and spread the word,our brothers and sisters need us..

saye said...

..i'm staying,stdying in a country atau lg best lg islamic country..yang menghalang bantuan ke ghaza..what a shame..n i dun understand..

Israel dah lame menang 'perang saraf'..betol x?

saye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
d4uh said...

to saye
yup..itulah masalahnya apabila umat islam terlalu lemah...ditindas begitu saja...mesir bukan saja tidak menghantar bantuan malah menolong israel untuk mengepung palestin...

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